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Surgeon's chair

"Isaiah Heartstruck" is a life-size figurative piece made primarily from common household materials (paper, aluminum foil, and Elmer's glue) mounted on a very simple steel armature. I made it originally to introduce a group of sculpture students to figurative work, but as it progressed, I became fascinated with the textures and the contours and the way the sculpture began to look more shadow than man.

Thematically, it was inspired by "Isaiah," from Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. That painting marvelously illustrates the precise moment of inspiration. With "Isaiah Heartstruck," I intended to show the subsequent moments of being taken hold of by an idea, as well as the simultaneous longing, suffering, and supplication involved in creation.

Surgeon's Chair detail 1

Surgeon's Chair detail 2


"Isaiah Hearstruck" - Mixed media, 72"x36"x18"