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"Sophia" - Steel rods, 182cm x 485cm

In ancient texts, Sophia is the personification of wisdom and mother of the universe who transmutes ignorance into fire. Built into a hillside in Bavaria, "Sophia" rises from the earth but seems to be born of air. She gazes up entreatingly with pleading hands raised toward the skies, as she attempts to connect matter and spirit. Being of the two but not one or the other, there is a restless melancholy. Regardless, she always looks up. She always seeks the truth. She always desires to rise.

In the spring of 2015, I worked with the Bavarian International School to develop a sculpture workshop that would cover the entirety of the design process, from initial concept to final installation. I worked with over 30 students exploring image-design and refinement, metal shaping, welding, and grinding, and over the course of two weeks, we worked side by side to create "Sophia."